In the Oracle, the main temple of the Gods:

Salomon: Head priest! We have terrific news!

Head: What is it?

Salomon: The last remaining God Scroll has been read!

Head: Really?! Thats wonderful!

Salomon: All chandles are burning bright right now! Everything will be fine!

Head: Not sure of that...We have no Magisters, even if all Gods have been chosen, who's gonna teach them?

Salomon: I don't know...But another thing, l found out the name of one of the Gods.

Head: You did?!

Salomon: Yes, a Plain Angel named Knestes said he met one.

Head: I want you to meet the divine boy. He has to know what's going around in the world right now. Is there a church anywhere close to His position?

Salomon: Yes, l'll ask Knestes to invite him to the church, l'll also leave immediately.

Head: Great, great!

Ass: So...What now?

Torre: l'm hungry, lets go eat something.

Ass: Later, but now first: Amphatia, whatya gonna do now?

Amph: The hell should l know...

She turns into a normal girl looking form. Her demon like appearance disappears and she changes clothing to a tight long black dress. Her hair is very straight, still the same color and length. Her hair reaches pretty low and her eyes are a bit bigger and softer than when she was in devil form. Assilya stares at her with a slight blush.

Amph: What are you gonna do....?

Ass: l'm gonna find my twin brother, a True Angel...

Amph: Can l join you...?

Ass: What?

Amph: l wanna get stronger to defeat Lucifer, l think it'll help if l see different places, so, what do you think?

Ass: umm, l guess its okay

Torre: Assilya! I don't want to have a girl in the group!

Ass: Why? You're only attracted to men?

Torre: l'm not even attracted to humans...

Ass: Riiiiiiight.

Gesalda: What about us, Mistress?

Amph: Well, you can continue to search for your mother yourselves. Staying at a burned-down village doesn't really help, no?

Doranu: l guess you're right...

Gesalda: Well, we'll leave right away then! Bye! l'm sure we'll meet again!

Ass: Cya

Amph: Farewell.

Torre: Gtfo

The girls dissappear in the blink of an eye, but you can still hear their laughs getting dimmed.

Amph: So, does that mean we have an alliance?

Ass: l guess so.

Then a falcon comes flying and lands infront of the group. He seems to have a message with him. Assilya unfolds the scroll and reads it:

"Dear Assilya,

I'd like you to come to the Deren Church in the city of Irgon. Here you will meet one of a High Priests of Oracle, he wants to tell thy more about the God thingies.

Sincerely, Knestes"

Amph: Knestes? Who's that?

Ass: A plain Angel l met before.

Amph: All right, off to Irgon then!

Torre: Yay, an adventure!

The end

Next Chapter: The City of Irgon