Its raining. In a dark forest a man stands aside a road which walks through the forest. The man is waiting for something. Then, a chariot carried by horses, black and red eyes, drives over the road and stops infront of the waiting man. The man steps inside and sits down. On the other side of the man sits another man.

Man 1: Good Lord, you had me waiting for hours in the rain...

Man 2: I don't care about your pathetic life.

Man 1: So, what do you request?

Man 2: Black Betrayal doesn't request, he orders.

Man 1: Just tell me what's to be done.

Man 2: I want you to prevent a meeting...

Man 1: Who's meeting?

Man 2: The meeting of one of the High Priests and the God of Dreams. We would ask our regular soldiers to take care of the God since he has developed almost none of his powers, but he recently seems to have tagged with the Goddess of Darkness.... Since she is alot stronger, we decided to call in an assasination group.

Man 1: So just kill the priest, right?

Man 2: Pretty much yes, the Gods may know nothing about their divinity and their powers, it'll be a threat to Black Betrayal.

Man 1: Don't worry, it'll be taken care of. Where is the meeting?

Man 2: Irgon.

Man 1: Understood, goodbye.

Man 2: Goodbye, but remember, if you'll meet the consequences.

The man steps out of the carriage and the horses move on, carrying the carriage away. Then, when the assasin already has left the place, underneath the moving carriage, someone lets go of the bottom of the carriage. Its a boy with a ninja like outfit. His head is mostly covered.

Boy: So, the God of Dreams and a High Priest... Off to Irgon then.


Salomon: How lovely! Isn't this city beautifully filled with culture?

Guide: Yes it is! The city of Irgon also has one of the biggest library of the world. There's also a majestic temple which was dedicated to the Goddess of Willpower of the time it was built.

Salomon: Extroardinary! I'm here to meet someone, but l guess l'll spend my time in the library until he arrives.

Guide: That's okay.

Salomon wanders through the library, examining the huge collections of books.

Salomon: The Library of Irgon... The God of Knowledge of 3000 years ago spent hundreds of years to write everything he knows down on paper, and l'm in the middle of it. You can just smell the knowledge in the air.

He then spots a door with "KEEP OUT", goes to a librarian and asks what's behind it.

Librarian: There is a collection of the forbidden books.

Salomon: Forbidden books? Interesting...

The end

Next Chapter: The Church of Deren