The trio walk through the streets of Irgon

Torre: Wow, the city looks kinda mideaval.

Amph: The city is medieval.

Ass: So, that church where is it? All buildings here look like a church...

Amph: No idea.. By the way, we are being watched.

Ass: *looks around* Watched? how do you know?

Amph: l can feel it...

Torre: This gives me dirty thoughts.

Then, the guide from earlier that talked with Salomon appears.

Guide: Can l help you, travelers?

Ass: Yeah, we're looking for the church of Dardanoi.

Amph: Deren.

Ass: Deren.

Guide: Oh! its not far from here! By the way, are you here to meet a priest?

Amph: Yes, how do you know?

Guide: I talked with a priest a while ago. How about you go to the church that's only just up ahead, the building with a statue and a fountain infront, while l go search for that priest? I'll tell him his guests have arrived.

Ass: Sounds good.

Guide: Ahh, its so nice to see a lovely young couple in this city rich of culture.

Torre: "Couple Hahaha!!

Amph: *death stare at Torre*

So, they enter the church, where a priest is standing.

Priest: Hello, young people!

Torre: *points at Ass* God of Dreams, *points at Amph* Goddess of Darkness, now give me some free food.

The Priest holds a shocked face and bows immidiatley.

Amph: Stupid thing, l'm gonna kill you once...

Then, someone is seen watching over Salomon talking to the guide in library. He waits a bit then jumps towards him with a dagger, ready to kill the man.

???: Kyaaahh!!!!

Salomon looks shocked at the danger coming his way. Then, someone kicks the assasin away from Salomon. The man gets up and looks at the boy who interrupted his mission. Salomon and the guide stare at them, then the guide runs away. The boy has a simple armor and very long, red, braided hair and small green eyes.

???: Who the hell are you?

The boy: Oh, just a stalker saving a priest.

The assasin dashes at enormous speed with his 2 thin swords ready to cut the boy in pieces.

The boy suddenly gives off light and moves till he gets closer to the assasin. He transforms into a silver, shining armor with 2 long swords. Alot of slashes cut the assasin.

The boy: HEAVEN RAIDER: 200 CUTS!!!

The boy stands behind the assasin with 2 swords in a post-slash position.

Salomon: He must be......The God of War!!!

Back to the church, the windows, doors, everything suddenly dissappears. There seem to be no exit left. Then, a man comes out of the ground in an earth form and then turns normal.

???: Well well well, So these are the Gods?

Amph: WHo are you?

???: An assasin of the professional assasination group, Gentile Forens. Aka your worst nightmare....

The end

Next chapter: A Ground shaking Battle