Ass: What the hell?

???: Yaha! No exit, no escape! Time to face death my children! While l, Koyto, distract these young children, Loyto will take care of that priest!

Amph: *whisper* That assasin group wants to kill the High Priest... l'll distract the assasin, you go break the wall and search for the priest.

Ass: Okay.

Amphatia changes into her demon form and dashes at the man.

Koyto: Yahah! You must be the Goddess of Darkness!

But before she can hit the man, he sinks into the ground, reappearing somewhere else. In the meantime Assilya runs to the wall and breaks it using Iron Impact, then leaves the place with Torre. The priest runs out screaming too.

Koyto: NANDAA??!! He esacped! *looks at Amph*

Suddenly, out of the floor many 'earth strikes' occur and hit Amphatia. She gets smashed away then gets up.

Koyto: Noone can stop us from our mission...

Amph: Well, l'm Noone, nice to meet you. DARK MISSILES!!!

Koyto brings up a shield of earth to protect him from the move.

Koyto: Yahah!

Koyto then brings up earth pillars who head into Amph's direction, however, these get blocked by Amph's Demon Slash.

Amph: I'll show you...

Amphatia collects some dark energy in her hand and throws a large arrow at Koyto. The arrow pierces his shield but doesn't hit him. Amphatia then dashes at him from the other side of the shield to hit him, but he sinks into the ground. This happens again and again...

Koyto: Whack a mole~!

Amph: GRRRRR You annoying FOOL

Koyto: Yahah! Getting hotheaded!

Amphatia then gets behind Koyto with huge speed and before he can sink again, she slaps his neck with her tail.


Koyto gets knocked out and banged into the wall.

Amph: Hmph, trying to assasinate a God, how foolish...

Assilya runs outside to a random direction while the God of War stands infront of Loyto in the library, ready to clash.

The end

Next chapter: The God of War