???: Yup, l'm the God of War, Serco is the name.

Salomon: What an honor to meet you! *bows*

Loyto: Hmm, this should be interesTING.

Ser: I won't let you kill this priest, why would you even want to do it?

Loyto: Its a secRET!!

Ser: Please stop talking like that...

Loyto: NoOOH!!

Ser: l guess l shall cut your mouth off...

Loyto: If you can, that's the quesTION!!

Ser: I'll show you, "badass".

Serco dashes to Loyto to slash him, but with tremendous speed, he runs backwards and up the wall.

Serco: Dafuq?

Loyto: It is because l'm a Speed SupREME!!

Note: A Supreme who has a certain power is named after that power. Koyto for example was an Earth Supreme. There can of course be more of one kind.

Ser: Alrighty, Fire Raider!

He changes into a fire armor and slashes some fire at him. He evades through his speed though. But then the books catch fire.

Salomon: You Highness! Those books are over 3000 years old! Please be careful.

Ser: Dammit. Water Raider!

He puts the fire out with a water slash and turns back to his normal armor.

Loyto runs through the library.

Loy: You know? A kick is far far more painful with a high SPEED!!!

He runs towards Serco and before Ser can react, he kicks him. He gets kicked away into a table.

Serco: Gaahh.

After he gets up he gets kicked again.

Ser: Looks like l have to keep up with you through this... SPEED RAIDER!!

He transforms into a streamlined armor.

Loyto tries to kick him again but now Serco reacts in time and cuts him. He falls on the ground and gets up again.

Ser: And to finish... DANCE OF THE SLICER!!!

He jumps towards the man and cuts him, kicks in the air to go back his direction and cuts again. He repeats this a few times then finishes it with one last blow.

Ser: Hmph.

Salomon: That was great, you Highness!! *bows*

Ass and Torre are running through the city.

Ass: Where is this priest anyways!

A very deep voice:

???: In the library.

Torre: Was that a fog signal?

Assilya looks up to the man smoking 3 cigarettes at the same time standing on streetlantarn.

Ass: he is? Kk thanks!

???: Wait a second boy.

Ass: Hmm?

???: I'm sorry to interrupt you, but l got the mission to prevent you to meet the priest.

Ass: Why?

???: Orders from Black Betrayal. I'm Yokanim, leader of Gentile Forens!

Torre: What an asshole!

Yokanim: You're one to talk...

Ass: Hmm...

The end

Next chapter: The Smoker