What happened till now: So, the Gods are trying to meet Salomon, a High Priest from the Oracle, but they're interrupted by an assasin group called Gentile Forens... Only the leader hasnt been defeated.

Yoka: What are you waiting? Attack me already.

Assilya runs towards him and hits him with Iron Impact.

Yoka: Haha! you thought you could hit me with that?!

Assilya's arm has pierced Yokanim's body, but his body seems to consist of smoke.

Yoka: l'm a Smoke Supreme, you can't hit me with that shit.

Yoka jumps back and manipulates his arm into smoke that grabs Assilya, and throws him into a building.

Ass: Argh! Dammit...l cant hit the guy. Lets try cutting then...

He grabs his katana and tries to cut him, failing. Yokanim kicks Assilya away with his smoke leg and grabs him before throwing him into another building.

Ass: *cough* can l hit the guy?

Yoka: Hahahah!! Awesome to see someone's face after realizing he's worthless. That's what black betrayal already told me. Worthless boy.

He grabs him and throws him at the fountain, breaking it. Assilya is lying on the ground.?

Assilya: Oh come on... there should be a way to hit the guy..

Suddenly, he hears a voice. The voice of an adult.

???: Giving up already?

Ass: Huh? Who's there? and no, l will never give up.

???: l see, that's how l like to see. l'm Dante, God of Willpower.

Ass: Nice, but, where are you?

Dante: l don't have a form, you can't see me with eyes open. Try to look with your aura.

Assilya concentrates and then sees a green silhouette infront of him.

Dante: Heh, trouble in a battle l see... a God of Dreams can do everything, you know that, right?

Ass: Yes.. but how..?

Dante: In this situation, try to look at the guy's aura, and hit that. Well, good luck.

The green aura vanishes.

Ass: Alright then.

He gets up and blasts an explosion towards Yokanim. He gets blasted away into smoke, reforms and shows it did nothing to him.

Yoka: Hahahah!! Still think you can hit me?

Assilya closes his eyes and tries to see his aura. He sees it. A dark ugly silouhette is standing there. Assilya runs towards Yokanim and cuts him, his aura actually.

Ass: Soul Slash!

Yokanim's body spouts out blood and collapses.

Ass: Heh, thanks green guy.

Loyto stands in a room in the library.

Loy: Heheh, sneeked in without anyone seeing me. So, whats here why it says "keep out"?

He is in a room with bookcases and in the middle of the room is a table with a large book.


Loy: Interesting.. could this pay up for the failed mission? Well, one way to find out.

he takes the book and escapes the library. He flees out of town without anyone noticing.

The end

Next chapter: Arrestation