In Oracle..

Head pr: This is horrible... SIX GODS have fallen into darkness!!!

The high priest looks at the candles who are supposed to show how it is going with the Gods. 10 of the candles are burning normally, each of them with a different color. The candles smoke white when the God is in the light, but smoke black when the God is in darkness. The emblems of the Gods are shown on the candles.

Head Pr: Space and Time, Water, Fire, Death, Air and Life... Six Gods in darkness...

In Irgon...

Salomon: It was soo nice to meet you!

Ass: Yeah yeah.

Salomon: But where are you going now?

Ass: Wherever the wind takes us.

Torre: We're not boats.

Ser: But seriously, what are you guys gonna do now?

Amph: Travel around and become stronger of course.

Then, a falcon comes flying and lands on Amphatia's head.

Ass: Oh, it has a message.

Amph: I dont frikkin care, get it off me!

Torre: It fits you. 

Amph: Shut up!

Assilya gets the message of the bird's back and reads it.

Dear Gods,

Right now, six of the Gods have fallen into darkness.

Salomon: SIX? Of the sixteen, six fell into darkness?

Ass: There are 16 Gods? That much?

Serco: Yeah, surprised?

Ass: Kinda.. anyways, l'll read further.

We have no idea where these Gods are, but we've been messaged by a priest who says the God of Earth ordered him to. He said there were some thugs burning down forests and threatening people. I request you to head towards the Kindom of Claymore to meet the God of Earth.

Sincerely, the Head Priest of the Oracle, Gomorrah

Serco: l guess our destination is clear.

Amph: "Our"? Your coming?

Serco: If thats alright with you.

Torre: Eww no! Why would we ha- *gets kicked by Amphatia*

Ass: Sure! 

Salomon: l'll be heading back to the Oracle then, nice to have met you!

The end

Next chapter: The King of Claymore