Assilya, Torre, Amphatia and Serco now stand infornt of the front gate of Claymore. The gate is huge and attached to the walls of the kingdom. The kingdom itself consists of a large mountain in the middle of the kingdom. Around and on the mountain stand the houses where the people live. Right under the summit of the mountain stands the palace.

Serco: Well, here we are.

Assilya: Lets ask a guard to bring us to the palace.

Infront of the front gate stand 2 huge guards with an armor reminiscent of a shogun's.

Ass: Excuse me? Can you bring us to the King's Palace?

Guard 1: Sorry, only the Kingdom's Senate and the King's close ones can enter the palace.

Amph: Can you at least show us how to get there?

Guard 2: It's a straight line really, just follow the main street and you'll get to the front gate of the Palace.

Serco: Okay, thank you.

The Gods head towards the palace, on the way they see the citizens of the Kingdom, happy and buying groceries. However, they then see a group of people surrounding something. Assilya heads towards it.

Random Citizen: What do they want from us?

Another random citizen: It's the third meteorite in 3 days.

Assilya: Meteorite?

He then sees that the people are surrounding a piece of rock burst into the ground. Looking at the ash it was burning when it fell.

Amph: Stop looking at those street performers and come, Assilya.

Ass: Yeah yeah.

As they walk along:

Ass: It was a meteorite, and the third in 3 days, so l've heard.

Serco: Strange...

They then reach the front gate of the palace.

Guard: Talk to the King? Impossible.

Ass: But..

Guard: No buts. Leave, please.

Then, a priest comes from the palace and lets the guards open the palace.

Priest: You Highnesses! Welcome! The King was awaiting you!

Guard: But...

Priest: No buts. Please, come in!

The Gods enter the Palace, which looks very elegant from the inside, surprising as the outside of the palace looks rather plain and... rocky. They then enter a large room with a throne at the end. On the throne sits a man. A large bulked up man with orange hair and a tanned skin. He stands up.

King: Ahh! So you are the other Gods! l'm Gedatsu! The God of Earth. And to prove you're the Gods, l'd like to have a battle with you!

Torre: What a nice welcome *cough* sarcasm *cough*

Ass: Uhhh....

The end

Next chapter: The Man as hard as Diamond