Gedatsu: Bring our guests to the duel room now!

Amph: Wait a second, fight you?

Gedatsu: It's just to really see how strong you really are as Gods. I'm the second one to read a God Scroll. I know pretty much.

Ass: I wonder who's the first...

Gedatsu: Heheh. Dante, that egoïstic narcist.

Ass: The God of Willpower?

Ged: Yes, him. He's the oldest of the Gods, l've heard. But he's special for another reason...

Serco: What reason?

Ged: I only know he's not from this planet.

Note: The Universe the Gods are in, have more than one planet. These planet do have different alien races. These alien races are very shy against humans though. Of course there are also humans on the other planets. The World Government rules over all these planets, as they see the universe as one world.

They arrive at the duel room. Gedatsu puts his armor away. He's only wearing shorts now.

Serco: Which of us first?

Ged: What? ALL OF YOU!!

Amph: You serious?

Ged: Of course! C'mon! Give me your best shot!

Ass: Torre, hide until the battle is over. This might be a hard battle...

Torre: Okay..

Serco goes into attack.

Serco: You still sure you dont wanna fight us 1 on 1?

The man suddenly seems larger as he puts on his fighting pose.

Serco: Water Raider!

He blasts a slash of water at him.... But it's not very effective..

Gedatsu: Only a little bit of water? C'mon. I sat under a waterfall for 3 whole days. Water does nothin against me.

Right then, Amphatia shows up and does a Demon Slash.... Not effective either.

Serco: What's with this man? He looks like he doesn't even feel the attacks..

Amph: l guess we have to go over to stronger attacks.

Then, Assilya dashes forward and punches Gedatsu:

Ass: Iron Impact!

Gedatsu doesn't even move from his place.

Gedatsu: At least l felt that one...

Ass: What? No way..

Gedatsu wipes Assilya away and gets ready for another attack.

Ass: Dammit, that guy...

Amph: Lets go, Serco.

Serco: Yes. Darkness Raider!

Amph: Devil's Roar!

2 blasts of darkness head towards Gedatsu, and combine into one stronger blast.

Gedatsu: You're not even trying!

With one fist, he punches away the blast. Then he dashes towards them.

Gedatsu: FIST!!!!

He punches both in the stomach.

The 2 fly into the wall.

Ass: Dammit, maybe if l slash his aura...

Assilya dashes towards him, closes his eyes, but before he knows what happens, he gets hit by Fist and blown into a wall.

Gedatsu: I win... I overestimated you... That you are supposed to be Gods...

The end

Next Chapter: Elemental Clans