Every 1000 years, the group of Gods ruling the universe have to destroy themselves in order for a new generation to come up and fur fill their task to rule over the universe for 1000 years until the cycle restarts. The leader of this group of Gods is a normal God too, he's the one who started the ritual of destroying himself/herself and the other Gods. After a God gets destroyed, his powers get written in an ancient language in a God Scroll. These scrolls get spread over the world until a little child finds it, reads it and adopts the powers of the God. The child has to get control over his/her powers first though.

The children of 2 Gods are called Angels. These Angels have aurieal and large shaped wings enabling them to take flight. These Angels also get half of the powers of their parents. So the child of the God of Fire and the God of Life inherits the power of both, but their power is 50% of their parents'.

This time, the cyclus restarts again for the 27th time after the creation of the universe. However, the uppergod, Oreon, God of Death, doesn't want to destroy himself. At the same time the Goddess of Love is pregnant of twins by the God of Dreams. Both have no other child. However, 9 months have already passed and the inevitable is getting closer. The Goddess also noticed one of the twins is human...On the day of destruction the mother of the twins has not given birth to the new lives inhabiting her insides. The Goddess, however, wants both of her children alive. She puts all her might in the birth and they finally come out. The father brings them from the Holy Pantheon where all Gods and Angels reside to a small farm on the planet Veruz. He does this when the Oreon already has destroyed many Gods. He eventually also destroys the God of Dreams. He takes a last look at the babies and then fades away. However, Oreon notices this and with his last powers, instead of destroying himself, he puts himself into the body of the Angel and forms as a tattoo on the face of the baby. This way, he can control over his body and he doesn't get destroyed.

The farmer and his wife find the crying babies in front of their farm and take them inside. They get shocked when they find out that one of the babies is an Angel though.

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