Assilya tries to stand up.

Torre: Shame on you guys...


Gedatsu: Even though you're not the best help I could get, I have no other choice. The last time, 3 clans have gone berserk and are attacking locations, stealing food etc. My spies have been spying on these clans. The clans are based on the elements... Fire, Water and Air.

Amphatia: Not our problem, really.

Gedatsu: The leaders of the clans are our, the Gods', problem. 

Serco: How so?

Gedatsu: They're Gods. God of Fire, God of Air and the Goddess of Water.

Amph: Well that changes the thing.

Gedatsu: Appearantly, these Gods have a bit more knowledge of their powers than you do.

Assilya: So? What do you want from us?

Gedatsu: Can you defeat those clans?

Ass: Why not doing it yourself?

Gedatsu: I have a Kingdom to rule.

Amph: 3 of them, 3 of us...

Serco: They're Clans, there are likely more members.

Gedatsu: Well, the only challenge won't be the leaders indeed. The members are strong too.

Assilya: Are they responsible for those meteorites?

Ged: I don't know, possibly.

Serco: and how do we find them? As clans I assume they have a secret hideout.

Ged: Yes they have. A distance away from Porta Haven there have been ships sunken. The crew said the water just dragged it into the ocean. This could be the Goddess of Water's job.

Amph: Right, I'm off.

Serco: Listen to the full story first...ah nvm.

Amphatia runs out the palace.

Ged: The Air Clan uses special devices to race through the air. My spies said they all return to one place. It's a giant cloud mess right above The Hoot Hoot Forest.

Serco: I'll take that one.

Ged: The Fire Clan have made clear where they hide. One of the members shouted "a present from Gafra!" after burning a village. The Gafra Vulcano is in the far north.

Ass: Alright, let's go.

Gedatsu: Best of luck...

The end

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