Somewhere on Veruz, in the biggest temple dedicated to the Gods, the Oracle:

Head priest: What is this? How can they do that? They don't have the right to do it!

Other priest: ...

Head pr. : May the World Government sink in its success! Do you see what they did??!! They just named themselves the rulers of Veruz! Only because there are no Gods at the moment?!! Even a donkey knows the generations are switching!! The new Gods will rise again in no time!!

other priest: You know the Gods will do at least 50 years to control their powers...

Head pr.: Still, is that a reason to claim the world in your possess?! No! At least the Zenfedhar Church will stay loyal to the Gods.

Other pr. : *looks away*

8 years have passed. The twin boys were working in the farm. The Angel, Shôden, covers his aureal and his wings to look like a normal human. His foster-mother obligates this, since she knows people will aim for an Angel because of the money. Assilya, the human one of the twins, goes to the town to buy some groceries.

Assilya: Hmm...?

He overhears 2 people talking.

Person 1: Hey what are you gonna do when you finish school?

Person 2: l think l'm gonna dive in the medicins, become a doctor. And you?

Person 1: Hmm, l don't know yet, but becoming a guard would be great!

Assilya's thoughts: Hmm, what am l gonna do when l grow up? Living forever at that stupid farm? Hell no...Even though mom and dad expects that l and Shôden take over it...Gah...

Suddenly, Assilya spots a shiny scroll on the ground, infront of his feet. He picks it up, and unfolds it. A bright light comes from the roll and strange runes surrender Assilya. A light shines on him from the sky. Suddenly the scroll vanishes inside Assilya's body and the light fades away. The town's people gather in the park and look at the boy. Then a priest gets infront of Assilya and bows before him. He does however not know what has happened to him and looks at the priest with a confusing look.

The priest: All hail the God!

The other people, having a shocked face, follow the priests and bow before the boy.

The priest: Looking at the color of the light that shined on you, little boy, you have become the God of Dreams.

Assilya still has a confusing look on his face.

The priest: Now go! You have to go to the Magister of Dreams! He can help you controlling your power. Leave now, because you have already made thousands of enemies now...

Assilya runs away from the bowing crowd, towards home, forgetting to actually do what he had come to the town for.

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