In the mean time in Oracle...

The Head Priest: Salomon, what's wrong?

Salomon: It's horrible, you highness! The...World Government sent us a message...

Head Pr.: They did? What did it say?

Salomon: All Magisters have been killed by a secret organizations called the Black Betrayal...

Head pr.: What?! You're kidding me! If the Magisters are killed, who are gonna teach the Gods to control their powers?!

Salomon:...*looks away with a worried face*

Note: a Magister is a priest who's a specialist in a God's terrain. When a new generation arrives, the Magister have to learn them to control their power.

Head pr.: This is horrible...l'm sure the World Government has something to do with this. They don't want the Gods to control their powers... But if the Gods don't, this is universe is doomed...

Salomon: The World Government wants to keep it as a secret.

Head pr.: Of course, it would cause chaos in the world.

At the farm,

Mother: Assilya, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost. And where are the groceries?

Assilya: Mom...l want to go...Go to see the world...

Mom: What? you're only 8! How do you think you're gonna manage that? And it looks like you lack the responsability to even buy some groceries!

Assilya runs upstairs, ignoring his mother's voice telling him to get back.

Shoden: So...a God of Dreams...Wow

Assilya: l'm leaving, the priest-san said l should go see my Magister. Tonight l'm out.

Shoden looks surprised at Assilya who's packing his stuff in already.

Shoden: Leaving? How do think you're gonna find that Magister?

Assilya: Hmm, l'll find out somehow.

Shoden: That's a rediculous thing to do.

Assilya gives Shoden a serious look.

Shoden: Well..l don't think l can stop you.

That night Assilya leaves the farm. He gives one last look at the place and sees Shoden watching over him from the window of their room. Assilya smiles at him, turns back, and walks away. Shoden looks at him with a sad face.

9 years have passed. A 17-years old Assilya sits on a rock looking over a small village with a little creature next to him. He looks at the creature and talks to him:

Assilya: Even though l just found out all Magisters have died, and that l wasted 9 years travelling around, l don't regret it. Why do l even say l wasted them? l saw many places and l met you.

He smiles at the creature.

Creature: Yup! But we could have done more in those years...

Suddenly a voice comes from behind them:

???: Ah! There you are! l've waited for you!

Assilya turns around and looks at the mid-aged man smiling towards him.

The man bows.

???: l feel honored to meet the God of Dreams! l think l can help you a little bit with your powers.

Assilya: Hmph...

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