???: My name is Knestes, l'm an Angel of Earth and Knowledge.

Assilya: An Angel? You don't have wings...

Knestes: Only True Angels have real wings and an aurieal. The difference between me and a True Angel is that a True Angel is a child of 2 Gods. Plain Angels, like l am, have read the Angel Scroll. It's where the powers of a True Angel is saved when the True Angels get destroyed every 1000 years. However, there's also another difference. A Plain Angel has a normal lifedurance. True Angels are immortal, until the destruction of course.

Assilya: I Shoden was a True Angel..

Assilya has a shocked look at his face. Then collapses on his knees, looking at the ground.

Assilya: can't be..impossible!

Knestes: Is something wrong?

Assilya: Shoden's real parents are Gods...Does that even mean that we're twins?! What's going on..? Wait.

Assilya stands up.

Assilya: How do you know this?

Knestes: l'm an Angel of Knowledge and Earth. This info was curved in my mind after l read the Angel Scroll.

Asssilya: Torre, we're going.

Torre: Huh? But where?

Assilya: To the farm l grew up. l want to know the truth.

They both walk away until Knestes says something:

Knestes: Stop! You Highness!

Assilya looks back.

Knestes: Do you want to know what power you have or not?

Assilya: Oh yeah. Tell me old man.

Knestes: l'm only a few years older than you... Anyways, the God of Dreams has power over imagination.

Torre: Gaaayyyy!

Assilya kicks Torre away.

Knestes: ....okay.... Anyways, you have the ability to bring imagination into reality, and vice versa. So if you imagine something, and you concentrate well enough, the imagination will become reality.

Assilya: That actually might explain some weirds stuff that happened over the years...

Knestes: Oh, and if you want to speak with me, catch a messanger Falcon. Whisper a name in its ears and it will fly to that person immediately. They can be found anywhere.

Assilya: Gotcha, let's go Torre.

Torre: Assilya, do you also have rainbow powers?

Assilya: Shut up!

They reach the little town close to the farm. However...the only thing that can be seen is an ocean of ash...

Assilya: What happened here?!

Suddenly, they hear a girl's voice:

???: Nahahahahah! Welcome to our Hell! Fuck off, or DIE!!!

The end.

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