In a small village a little girl is seen running through the streets.

Girl: Onii-chan! Onii-chan!

She runs to her brother, who is only a few years older than her.

Her brother: What Amphatia? Something wrong?

Amph: Mom said you should help her bring the stuff to the market!

Her brother: Ok, tell mom l'm coming.

Amph: Okay!

She runs back to the direction she came in. Then, an old man starts speaking to her.

Old man: Hey little girl, do you have a moment?

Amph: Yes :3

Old man: Are you that little girl who seems to have read the God Scroll of Darkness?

Amph: Priest-san said so yes :3

Old man: l see... Thanks for your attention.

The old man smiles friendly as the little girl goes away. Then, a suspicious look on the old man's face appears.

Then, an explosion happens somewhere in the village. Amphatia gets scared and runs towards her house, where the explosion seems to be coming from. To her fear, its her house where the explosion happens... In no time the whole village is under fire and destruction.

Amph: Wh-what's....Mom...Dad...?

She looks at her house what's falling apart.She then runs in tears back to where she was coming from, to tell her brother. Suddenly, infront of her, stands Lucifer.


Amph looks in fear how the monster is laughing at her.

Lucy: Don't worry, l made sure everyone in the village died so that you would have a horrible future <3 Sweet of me, no?

Amphatia stares at him while crying.

Lucy: Listen little brat. The God of Darkness has the task to look over the devils that exist in the world. One those devils is me <3 So, l killed everyone you know to prevent that you will eventually look over me <3 The deaths of the Magisters is actually helping me! l should give those guys from Black Betrayal some cookies <3

Then, Lucifer vanishes and leaves the little girl crying behind in the middle of the burning village. She is later found with burns and is brought to a medical care.

~flashback ends~

Lucy looks at the angry girl.

Lucy: That's all you can get out of me <3 Love ya buhbye!

He vanishes and leaves the raging girl behind.

Assilya grabs Amph's shoulder and gives her a calm look which calms her down.

Torre runs towards them from his hiding place.

Torre: Why didn't you kick his ass?!

Assilya: We coudln't even get close to him, something pulled us back...

The gothic loli's also come from their hiding place.

Gesalda: Mistress...


The end

Next chapter: God Alliance